Everything is built with care and quality in mind, spending hours, weeks and months to create your perfect machine.

April 2015 – Like Bike Show – Principauté de Monaco

Petrocarpus macrocarpus & Prunus Avium

A bicycle built with components and materials that reflect your personality.

June 2015 – Spin London

Millettia laurentii – Petrocarpus macrocarpus

To be part of the creative process and to experience the rewards of having something built by hand for you.

December 2014 – Xmas Week – Portofino

Quercus Petrea – Tilia platyphyllos – Fagus sylvatica

 Every details is thought trough to make sure you receive a perfect bike in terms of aesthetics, fit and ride.

January 2015 – Rockville – Villarocca Italy

Prunus Avium

A machine that is a work of craft and can be ridden in every condition giving you a distinctive pleasure.

April 2014 – LARTE – Milano Design Week

Microberlinia brazzavillensis – Fagus sylvatica

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