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In the cycling world, safety is always given priority, while fashion is a close second. Given that the month of May is the official US National Bike Month, there is a need to ensure that you remain safe as you take your bicycle out for a ride.

Whether you ride for leisure during the weekends, cycle for exercise, or ride your bike for commuting purposes, no one said that you cannot guarantee safety while using a chic helmet. The following helmets are bound to make your cycling excursions fashionable while providing safety from potential hazards. All helmets are certified as per all our Selva bicycles.

1. The Lazer Street+ DLX Urban Luxury


The Street+ Helmet from Lazer is a must-have for any fashion conscious cyclist. Retailing at only sixty dollars, the helmet is trendy and impressive in that it reflects your surroundings as they chance. Though it is not possible to see what the other people will see when you are wearing the helmet, you can rest assured that they will be looking at an amazing sight.

2. Nutcase Union Jack Helmet

Whether you possess the British accent, or you are an expat, or just someone who likes to pretend that they have the accent, nothing should stop you from having fun with the Union Jack Print. The helmet which is provided by Nutcase Helmets traditionally comes with the British flag printed on it. However, if you do not like the banner, worry not, as there are many other colors available.

3. Giro XAR Helmet

The Bespoke Giro XAR Helmet provided by Giro retails at around one hundred and thirty dollars and is a great way for you to stand out in the city. The helmet is bound to inspire you to extend your cycling rides from your neighborhood if you already do not do so.

4. Sawako Furuno Floral Cream Helmet

Sawako Furuno Floral Cream Helmet is a bicycle helmet sold by Velovixen. The custom helmet retailing at only one hundred and fifty dollars is ideal for the girly biker. The helmet is one of a kind as it shows that helmets do not have to be sporty, or muscular for them to offer the rider safety while at the same time maintaining a fashion forward look.

The helmets come in a wide range of patterns ranging from black on black leopard, crocodile texture as well as some that are in floral prints. There is a helmet suitable for each rider.

5. Pryme V2 Helmet

The Pryme V2 Helmet is the ideal helmet for that cyclist that does not want to go crazy on the colors but still hopes to look good. The Pryme helmet is very minimal when it comes to color use, and comes in a variety of bold colors. It is ideal for cyclists who would rather let the color speak for itself.

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