As daily cyclist, you know that Riding a bike in certain cities is always a challenge, it can be tricky and there’s always a risk of accidents; weather conditions and darkness can trouble even the most skilled rider, especially in winter time.

As Selva, an exclusive wood bicycle manufacturer in Italy, we are always interested about safety innovations to be developed in our products.

Therefore, we’d like to share with you some innovations we’ve found reading the following 2 articles.

The first article titled “5 cool things to see at the London Bike Show 2016”  by Robert Jones, we found it on, it regards the main cool things you can find at London Bicycle Show 2016. Four out of five cool items are related to safety. This is a strong signal how safety is getting more and more attention in the industry.

The second article  titled “Volvo develops new Life Paint for cyclists” by Sarah Barth published on and talks about Volvo, the car manufacture, presenting a safety spray that can be applied to any fabric. With 19.000 cyclist injured every year in UK, Volvo has a ‘2020 vision’ that “by 2020, no person will be killed, or seriously injured, by a new Volvo.”

Drawing on these two articles and our experience in the industry, we see 3 major actions that I would recommend to cyclists to increase their safety:

  • wear high-visibility clothing – Use jackets, helmets or backpacks with embedding lights or reflective materials.
  • light your frame – spray your bike with paints that absorb sunlight during the day, before glowing intensely when night falls.
  • 360° visibility – improve your visibility on the sides, shinning your wheels.

These are small actions, that can save your life, but you also need to always wear your helmet and switch on your lights after dark.

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