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Top quality wooden frame bicycles. Traditional craftmanship, next generation performance

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Italian design, top building technology, artisanal skills

Selva roots deep into italian cyclistic traditions, manufacturing unique designs with passion and striving to achieve the best performance.

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Selva is an exclusive bicycle whose trademark is its wooden frame. High technology and old artisanal skills meet, infused with italian design. Every single bike is unique in wood of choice, grains, accessories and can be more custom-tailored upon request.

Since 2012, Selva craft unique products, rediscovering traditional and forgotten skills, mixing with the most advanced technologies to design timeless objects. That has been the start of a fantastic voyage.

Wooden Frame

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It's time to give yourself the pleasure of a wood hard ride.


The technology of the Wood combined with Titanium to make a unique bicycle.

The technology of the Wood combined with Titanium to make a unique bicycle. The perfect match for the most demanding needs, the natural feeling of the wood is exploited by the ride quality of the Titanium.

All metal parts are in Titanium from NEVI BIKES, on request is also available with an exclusive Titanium fork.

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Queen Natalia

The elegance of Teak and an exclusive setup, the perfect solution for urban riding.

Teak has incredible hardness, durability, and natural strength properties, making it the perfect component of a dependable, versatile bike. A special bike with an exclusive setup, the perfect solution for the urban riding.

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Night Rider

The head-turning bicycle that oozes urban chic.

The head-turning bicycle that oozes urban chic. A machine able to give an undisputable relaxing and comfortable riding in the unpredictable city roads. Made out from selected Wood blocks, having the best grains and matches the required quality standards.

Bu durum yerli – yabancı çok sayıda firmanın helal gıda sektörüne girmesine sebep oluyor. Bu sayede daha temiz bir görünüme sahip olmaktadır. Elektro – optik ve opto – mekanik sistemler konusunda ülkemizin dışa bağımlılığını azaltan ve teknoloji ihraç eden bir firma olmak

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Fashion Racing

The iconic single speed, a timeless bike with an exclusive aesthetic.

The engineered Wood offers a extraordinary solid and stiff frame, that is also very forgiving and comfortable. An intelligently designed bike, where the structural hollow frame offers a wonderful ride and a unique live feeling.

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